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The Heart of All Worlds Book 2: The King and the Criminal

What happens when the fairytale ends but the journey continues?

In the much-anticipated sequel to Charlotte Ashe's critically acclaimed debut novel The Sidhe, Firae refuses to allow a broken heart to interfere with his sworn duties as king. When a member of the Royal Council of Sidhe Nations must cross The Border in pursuit of a convicted criminal, one who has violated a magical doctrine that threatens the stability of their world, he volunteers immediately to undertake the journey.

But once in Villalu, Firae's plan goes awry, and he is faced with a choice between allegiance to the Council or allegiance to Brissa, the fierce young human queen who is determined to bring justice to Villalu. And if that weren’t enough to contend with, he also must rely on the very criminal he was after to help him make it home alive—a man he had  exiled long ago, but who awakens something in his heart more potent than his sworn duties as king.

Meanwhile, Sehrys and Brieden are living peacefully in Khryslee, until Sehrys is forced to ascend the throne in Firae’s absence, a role he was once groomed for, but one that Brieden fears could destroy their life together beyond repair.

As each of them struggles to resolve their own destiny, allegiance, and legacy, a deeper and more urgent truth confronts them all: Their world is in far greater danger than they realized, and each of them plays an integral part in its fate.

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